About Panhel

The Panhellenic Association (“Panhel”) is the umbrella organization of MIT’s seven lovely sororities. Sororities at MIT have had a longtime reputation for being composed by some of the most involved, active, and enthusiastic women on campus. Come learn a bit more about who we are, what we do, and why we love doing it!

Sororities at MIT

36% of MIT undergraduate women join sororities to create lasting friendships and utilize countless opportunities for leadership, academics, careers and community service. Sororities are a place where you can be comfortable as an individual and be supported by a group of women who share your values. Check out MIT’s seven sorority chapters during recruitment to learn more about how Greek Life can benefit your college experience!

Upcoming Events

Campus Preview Weekend is just around the corner and then it's time for Greek Week. Pretty soon, it'll be time for Recruitment again. If you want to join the Panhellenic community, MIT’s largest organization for women on campus, or just learn more, please click on the contact us button on the right and fill out your information. We will keep you updated about important dates and chances to learn about sororities at MIT.

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Come check out what sisters are doing on campus! Like our page to keep up to date with current events in the Panhellenic community.

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  • CPW 2010 events!

    CPW 2010 events!
    How to Help Your Daughter: Sororities at MIT Information Session
    Friday, April 9th, 11:30-12:30
    Student Center (W20), 3rd Floor, Twenty Chimneys
    At MIT, sororities serve […]

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We, as Undergraduate Members of women’s fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities.