The Panhellenic Association (“Panhel”) is the umbrella organization of MIT’s six lovely sororities. Sororities at MIT have had a longtime reputation for being composed some of the most involved, active, and enthusiastic women on campus. Come learn a bit more about who we are, what we do, and why we love doing it!

On behalf of the Executive Board as well as our six Panhellenic chapters, I would like to thank you for your interest
in our community, and would like to welcome you to learn more about Greek life at MIT. As sorority women, we strive
to uphold the values of our respective organizations while holding each other and ourselves to a high set of standards.

It is through my sorority and my involvement in Panhellenic that I have come to know an amazing community of women.
These women hold research positions at esteemed labs at MIT, start their own businesses, and intern at some of the most
successful companies in the world. Additionally, they hold leadership positions all across campus, and are involved in a
multitude of different clubs, sports teams, and organizations. They are some of the most well rounded women I know. More
than this, they are my friends. Sororities provide an unbelievable network of support that should not be trivialized. The
women in my sorority are women that I can count on, women that I can have fun with, and women that I can look up to.

As Panhellenic President, I have the honor of working with an exceptional executive board. We pride ourselves in
advocating for the Panhellenic community, and are continually striving to foster a sense of community at MIT. This year,
we hope to promote collaboration and transparency with the faculty and administration at the Institute, as well as to work
towards partnerships with other student organizations on campus.

MIT is an amazing place to go to school, and the opportunities here are endless. We hope that you will take the opportunity
to learn how you can become more involved in Panhellenic at MIT, or to learn more about the value of our organization as a
whole. Please reach out to myself, or any member of the Executive Board, should any questions arise.

All the best,

Yasmin Inam
Panhellenic President 2014