Core Values


Sisterhood is at the heart of the closeness of members in every chapter enjoys. The first sorority sisterhood was established over a century ago by women who felt the need to enrich their college experiences. Sororities encourage young women to learn and grow in the spirit of sisterhood. Working and achieving goals together strengthens the bond within each chapter and builds relationships with other chapters. Sharing your college experiences with a variety of sisters will provide friendships that last a lifetime. These relationships are deeper than going to parties together and more meaningful than wearing the same letters. They are about the development and growth of individuals as they begin this important stage in their lives. Each new member brings her own unique talents to her sorority and is loved and respected for who she is.


Everyone knows that the quality of academics at MIT is first rate. Involvement with one of the six Panhellenic chapters at MIT enhances that experience. Sorority sisters plan study sessions to motivate members and prepare for classes, and they offer a network of undergraduate, graduate, and alumni members who advise new members on classes, course schedules, and instructors. Sorority women assist younger members in developing positive study skills through scholastic programs, they share ideas and tactics for surviving MIT’s rigorous academic schedule, and they pass along notes and problem set examples. The incentives and support offered by sororities help all members achieve and maintain high academic standards. Many MIT chapters have been recognized nationally as outstanding academic chapters, and have received awards based on academic excellence.


Both community service and philanthropy are common goals among all Panhellenic organizations. Many chapters raise money to benefit local or national organizations. We also team up various times per year to raise money for Big Sisters of Boston, and we work hand in hand with the MIT Public Service Center on numerous projects throughout the year. One of our biggest community service successes is our Giving Tree program- where we collect, wrap, and distribute hundreds of gifts to children in Boston for the holidays. Panhellenic sisters also contribute their time to benefit the community with services such as canned food and toy drives and volunteering and tutoring in local schools. These activities offer college women special opportunities to make a positive impact on the lives of others, as well as the opportunity to make a difference in their own lives.

Support and Leadership

MIT Panhellenic Association women are leaders on campus in student organizations such as the Undergraduate Association, Ring Comm, UROPs, orientation, research labs, performing groups, cultural groups, the Public Service Center, The Tech, the Association of Student Activities, athletic teams, honor societies, service groups, and many other organizations. Also, sororities are self-governing units which provide members with opportunities to develop leadership skills within their individual chapters and encourage participation in other activities on campus and within the community. Panhellenic women are, and continue to be, some of the most active and visible students on campus. Being a leader in a sorority and in Panhel will help you develop various skills such as goal setting, delegating responsibilities, working in groups, planning activities, time management, problem solving, and focused decision making.