Greek Life

Greek Life @ MIT

Being a part of a sorority is a bigger concept than you might think. Not only are you a member of your chapter, but you are also a representative of a group of women and men who form our MIT Greek Community. At MIT our Greeks range in personalities and interests. We have representatives from each major on campus and from almost every extracurricular activity. Greek women and Greek men work and hang out together and find support in each other with our endeavors here on campus. Each sorority throws dry mixers with other fraternities, hosts formals in which fraternity men can be invited to attend, and develop philanthropy events in which fraternity men participate in to encourage fund-raising. To learn more about your male Greek counterparts, you can visit the IFC website or contact Andrew Dorne at

Greek Week

Greek Week is the weeks that Greeks DOMINATE MIT. We have events from chariot racing to cake offs to powderpuff football. It’s a time where no MIT student doubts the abilities and strengths of the Greek community. In demonstrating our Greek pride, we also raise money for a local charity.

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