Officers: Executive Board


    President: Caitlyn Mason, Class of 2017 (contact: 

    Caitlyn is junior from East Greenwich, RI double majoring in courses 14 (Economics) and 9 (Brain and Cognitive Sciences) who one day hopes to be involved in healthcare policy or investment. She’s also on the GlobeMed executive board. When she’s not busy being the sorority queen, Caitlyn enjoys binge watching entire series, reading on her nook, and talking with her many siblings.

    The Panhel President leads weekly Panhellenic Association Executive Board meetings and weekly Panhellenic Association Delegate meetings. She is the primary liaison between and representative to the MIT Administration, alumni, faculty and all individual sorority chapters, and is the person to contact about questions regarding Panhel, FSILG, and MIT policies. If you are unsure of who to contact or if you have questions about Panhel or sororities in general, contact the Panhel President.



Executive Vice President: Courtney Diamond, Class of 2017 (contact:

Courtney was born and raised in central Massachusetts. Now in her junior year at MIT, she is majoring in Course 7 (Biology) and spends time studying protein biochemistry in the Schwartz lab. Elsewhere on campus, she is involved in the Title IX Student Advisory Committee and Sexual Assault Awareness Month planning team. Courtney loves dancing, snowmobiling, octopuses, and bad biology puns

The Executive Vice President oversees the Panhellenic Delegates to enable regular, reliable communication.  She ensures the safety of all sorority women by coordinating all risk management-related initiatives and chairing the Panhellenic Standards Board.  She is also in charge of officer slating, the bylaw review process, and Women’s Professional Day.  Contact the EVP if you have questions regarding the CDSA-sponsered Dry Mixer Program, women’s professional resources, or National Panhellenic Conference policies.




    VP Recruitment: Meredith Benson, Class of 2017 (contact:

Meredith was born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. She is now a junior majoring in 2A (Mechanical Engineering) with a concentration in Robotics. Outside of Panhel, Meredith loves to make her own cosplay from a variety of genres including superheros, Disney, Star Wars, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and Anime. Her current goal is to build her own remote controlled BB-8.

The Vice President of Recruitment is responsible for planning and organizing recruitment including scheduling and other logistics. She holds weekly recruitment chair meetings, collaborates with recruitment chairs from each chapter. She oversees a marketing campaign with the help of the VP Public Relations and also oversees the planning of CPW events.




    VP Recruitment Programming: Maranda Johnston, Class of 2017 (contact:

Maranda has lived in Massachusetts her whole life, and is now a junior at MIT. She is majoring in course 3 (Materials Science and Engineering) and hopes to continue her education with a Masters in Civil Engineering. Outside of classes and Panhel, Maranda is involved in Amphibious Achievement and GEL. She loves puppies, penguins, cookies, and being sassy.

The Vice President of Recruitment Programming (Head PRC) is responsible for selecting and training Panhel recruitment counselors (PRC’s).  As a member of Recruitment Exec, she attends Recruitment meetings weekly, working with the Panhel Vice President of Recruitment and the chapter recruitment chairs to plan and organize recruitment.  She holds PRC training sessions weekly for PRC’s in the Spring, and plans a PRC “bond week” for PRC’s to prepare for recruitment.  Contact the Panhel VP of Recruitment Programming if you have any questions about recruitment or PRC’s.




    VP Programming: Kate Scott, Class of 2018 (contact:

Kate was born in Dallas, Texas, but grew up in suburban Chicago. She is in her 2nd year at MIT majoring in course 3 (Material Science and Engineering) and minoring in course 15 (Management Science). When she is not working on great MIT Panhel events, she is a member of the MIT Women’s Lightweight Crew Team and an ESP teacher for programs like Spark and Splash. Her female role models include Jane Austen, BEYonce, and Ke$ha. She also drinks her weight in hot chocolate or chocolate milk (depending on the season) every two weeks.

The Vice President of Programming is responsible for scheduling, planning, and overseeing non-recruitment inter-sorority events. She works with sorority representatives to choose events that both encourage a strong sorority community and foster a sense of Greek Pride. She also strives to provide resources to individual sorority event planners and social chairs. Contact the Panhel VPP with questions about inter-sorority events or for help planning campus sorority events.




    VP Public Relations: Laura Eckman, Class of 2018 (contact: 

Laura grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, but moved to northern New Jersey in high school. She is a sophomore majoring in course 6-3 (computer science). Outside of Panhel and class, Laura enjoys tea, crafts, teaching for educational outreach programs, and geeking out about space. Her favorite thing about MIT is the puppies that visit the libraries on the first Friday of every month.

The Vice President of Public Relations oversees the production of all Panhel publicity materials; she also manages sorority-related publicity campaigns and outreach endeavors. She ensures that Panhel is being accurately represented to the entire MIT community in addition to prefrosh and parents, and strives to uphold a positive image on campus. Contact the Panhel VPPR if you want help publicizing your sorority event, are seeking advice about large scale publicity efforts, or have questions concerning Panhel’s public relations.




    VP Finance and Administration: Ayomide Fatunde, Class of 2018 (contact:

    Ayomide was born in Lagos, Nigeria, but moved to Miami, Florida when she was 8 years old. She’s a big fan of sunlight and questions everyday why she sacrificed being able to go outside in flipflops year round for a chemical engineering degree from Tim the Very Cold Beaver. She’s in her 2nd year at MIT and is minoring in Energy Studies. She’s spends her time gallavanting across campus, eating excessively, dancing on Mirchi (MIT’s competitive Bollywood fusion team), TAing freshman, promoting sexual and relationship health as a PLEASURE Educator, and studying off-grid energy in developing nations. 

The Vice President of Finance and Administration prepares and maintains the Panhellenic Budget (for all the sororities on campus). She collects receipts and distributes reimbursements. She is also in charge of managing funding and maintaining the Panhellenic account. In addition, the VPF takes meeting minutes and distributes them to the rest of campus and the National Panhellenic Council Advisor. Contact the Panhel VPF if you want help of have any questions regarding finance issues, the budget, or past and upcoming minutes.