Officers: Jr. Panhel

Junior Panhel is a leadership council comprised of new members – sorority women who pledged in the 2015 calendar year – responsible for bringing together new members and underclassmen in the Panhellenic community. The council lasts one calendar year, with event opportunities throughout.

Main responsibilities of Junior Panhel will include but are not limited to the following:

Spring 2016

  • Support Panhel in running CPW
  • Create programming for all Panhellenic members in their new member class

Fall 2016

  • Plan new member events for members who received bids in Fall 2016
  • Support Panhel in other philanthropic programming

Members are matched up with a mentor on Panhel Exec who will support them with their responsibilities.


2016 Board Members

The 2016 Junior Panhellenic board can be reached at

Alexandra Smerekanych


Grace Melcher


Susan Yoon


Natasha Batten


Laura Diggans


Kelli Padilla


Grace Shin