Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials


“After our CPW visit, I encouraged my daughter to explore the sororities at MIT.  During some of the CPW panel discussions, we heard young women describe their positive experiences within their sororities.  The young women spoke of the support system of friends they had found with their own sorority.  Not only did they help one another with  studying and psets, they also enjoyed just having fun together.  I was thrilled when my daughter joined a sorority during her freshman year at MIT.

Through her sorority, my daughter has had the opportunity to meet so many caring and talented young women.  She has especially enjoyed getting to know and mentor new freshmen as they learn their way around MIT. Whether they talk about classes or P‐sets, or just go to Tosci’s for ice cream, they always seem to have fun spending time together.

Sororities at MIT also provide numerous opportunities for leadership development, whether it be holding an office within the sorority or organizing a community event as part of a committee.  Planning events, delegating responsibilities, and time management are just a few of the skills that can be learned or developed in a sorority. These skills will benefit each sorority member throughout her life.

Without a doubt, belonging to a sorority at MIT has been a positive experience for my daughter.  The relationships she has formed with her sorority sisters have enriched her college experience and offered her support and camaraderie she may not have found elsewhere.  I encourage you to have your daughter explore sorority life at MIT.”

Susan Wieser, mother of Diana Wieser

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“When my daughter initially indicated that she would be pledging a sorority my reaction was not totally positive.  As a parent of a student attending a college with a rigorous academic curriculum my primary concern was the amount of time that would be required for sorority activities and not be available for academic efforts.  In addition I was concerned about the impact sorority membership could have on fostering social exclusivity, excessive partying or other social activities and the financial obligation that would be incurred.

Despite these concerns, it is my belief that sorority membership at MIT has been a very positive experience for my daughter.  She has developed strong friendships that will continue after life at MIT.  She is always excited when she tells her mom and I about her sorority activities.  She has participated in community service activities including fund-raising efforts for fighting cancer and other philanthropic activities.  It is my impression that sorority membership has had a positive impact on my daughter and contributes to her entire experience as a student at MIT.”

David Hayse, father of Tracey Hayse