Big/Little Sister

Sororities have pairs between older sisters and new members called Big and Little Sisters. This relationship helps New Members integrate into easily into their sisterhood while building relationships with older and more experienced members.


Chapter refers to a collegiate branch of a national sorority.

Fraternities vs. Sororities

Fraternities are Greek living communities (some of which are co-ed) that stand for service and brotherhood and promote similar ideals to that of Sororities. Sororities are strictly female Greek communities that promote leadership, service, academics, and sisterhood. All MIT fraternities and sororities prohibit hazing.


Once New Members are initiated, they are officially considered sisters of their sorority. Every sorority has various rituals [see Ritual below] that are performed at initiation.

Potential New Members (PNMs)

Potential New Members are women who are going through recruitment.

Recruitment vs. Rush

Recruitment is the process in which MIT women who are interested in sororities can learn more about what it is like to be in a sorority. During recruitment, women learn about each chapter’s philanthropy, house, personality and sisterhood. Rush is the equivalent process for Fraternities, but Rush is an informal process.


Rituals are the secret traditions and values of each sorority. All sororities have different rituals, but rituals never incorporate hazing or bring any harm to anyone.


Sisters are the officially initiated members of a sorority.

Values-based Organizations

All sororities are values based organizations. Sororities uphold values such as academic excellence, loyalty, honesty, service to the community, etc.