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November 9, 1874


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“One heart, one way.”

Sigma Kappa

In 1988, the Theta Lambda chapter of Sigma Kappa was founded, becoming the third nationally recognized sorority at MIT. As our chapter grew in the nineties, so did our presence on and off campus. Now, Sigma Kappa is thriving. We are over 120 sisters strong, representing multiple countries, ethnicities, and interests. We are confident, passionate, and grateful women: confident in our abilities, passionate in our pursuits, and grateful to our founders for makings us sisters. We are bringing sisterhood to life.

At Sigma Kappa, we pride ourselves on our sisterhood. ΣK isn’t just two letters you wear on your chest, it’s about being a part of a group of girls who will always be there for you. To us, sisterhood means never having to ask for a hug, IMing someone when they are 10 feet away just to say hi, or laughing so hard that you can barely breathe. It means painting your entire face in school colors and cheering on one of your sisters at her championship volleyball game, or spelling out a sister’s name on your stomach because she’s giving a speech at Ring Premiere. In the end, Sigma Kappa is a place where you can be confident about yourself because your sisters are always by your side.

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