Sorority Summer Life

We have some pretty amazing women as a part of our community, and they have been doing some pretty amazing things this summer! Check out what a few of them have been up to:


J.J. Zhao – Alpha Phi ’14

“Little J.J. and the Big City” – J.J. has been working for Morgan Stanley in New York City this summer, and she passed along some great photos and stories!


Just witnessed how it all happened in the New York Stock Exchange.  The trading floor was full of action and stress – it was a place where every second matters and every number on the computer screen, every hand gesture each trader makes, moves the Stock Market.

We put on our most preppy face for the Annual Belmont Horse Race – the biggest of the year. The girls were just missing some extravagant straw hats to match the boys’ bowties.  Color blazers, suspenders, straw hats, betting on the horses – horse racing is a big all-American outdoor party!

Hanging out with Irish tourists. It was a big day for my Irish friends; we were watching the Hurling Championship broadcasting – a national Irish outdoor sport similar to field hockey. Everyone at the bar was screaming and jumping as if they were present at the game themselves.  The passion and energy compares to any Bruin’s game! Hurling is the Irish’s home sport in a similar way as football is to Americans. Eating a hearty breakfast with Irish black pudding (blood sausage) and discussing loudly about the game are some of their favorite things to do as I observed and emulated.  I was holding a Hurling stick and trying to blend into the Irish crowd.  NYC is truly a melting pot; it brings so many foreigners and their culture to the city.

Christiana Rosales – Sigma Kappa ’14

Christiana has been working for a company called Idom in Spain, and she took some time out of her foreign adventures to share with us!

This summer I interned with the architecture department AXCT at IDOM, an engineering firm, in Barcelona, Spain. As a Mechanical Engineer major concentrating in Building Technology, it was really interesting to see the design process completely from an architect’s perspective as opposed to an engineer’s perspective. It was difficult adjusting to my new working conditions at first, particularly because I did not know how to use the required programs like Autocad, InDesign, or Photoshop. After much trail and error, and patience, I was able to manipulate the tools at a basic level and began working on my assignment.
My project was to redesign the Barcelona “chiringuito.” A chiringuito is a small vending post that serves food and beverages on beaches and in parks. The company wanted to use this project as an opportunity to investigate prefabricated architecture. The first half of my internship was research based and I learned a lot about prefabricated architecture, modular architecture, materials, construction procedures, and building life cycles. I was then able to work alongside architects and engineers to see my idea come to life. It was very satisfying to have a completed building, no matter how small, by the end of two month’s work!
I learned a lot outside of the office as well traveling throughout Spain (and France) on the weekends. Some highlights (pictured below) include: San Fermines (running of the bulls festival) in Pamplona, Gay Pride Parade and Eurocup 2012 Final in Madrid, and of course sightseeing in Barcelona.